Lord Krishna is the personification of intellectuality and love. Lord Krishna quotes and information to live a good and perfect life in the Holy Book;

The Holy Book helps many peoples in this world even now people like to and allows them to make their lives right and happy.

The sacred knowledge by Lord Krishna now in the form of Lord Krishna Quotes in English, which is vital life courses. Gives the information of understanding of life / getting the divine intellect or following the path of wisdom or epitome of intelligence.

The information is applied to every day, every…

Everyone knows APJ Abdul Kalam ; not only Indians, but the whole world knows who he is. That is why we are here to give you Abdul kalam famous quotes, so let’s start, but before starting, we are giving you a brief introduction about APJ Abdul kalam, His winnings, His Positions, and many other things. he is also known as the “Missile man of india”, everyone loves him from children to big personalities.

About Abdul Kalam, His winnings, his positions, etc.

APJ Abdul kalam has many positions as an engineer, Scientist, Author, politician and professor. HE was born in a tiny village Dhanushkodi, Rameshwaram, in Tamil Nadu, India…

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sandeep maheshwari quotes

If you are looking for Sir Sandeep Maheshwari Ji’s Motivational, Inspirational Quotes, Then you have come to the right website. Now-a-days Sandeep Maheshwari Is a famous name, he has benefited many people through his thoughts, he Is a businessman as well as a Motivational Speaker. He has always motivated the youth and continues to do so, the number of his followers is not less, whenever he starts talking about something, everyone can relate to his words so much that everyone is fascinated by him. …

hello guys today i poorvak suri the owner of this website comes with the article on lord krishna quotes on death. almost every people gives article on lord krishna quotes on love . but i apart from them choose this topic the reason behind it is very simple death is the truth not the love the man who was born will die one day. so lets start with our topic that is lord krishna quotes on death

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Quotes of lord krishna on death with explanation

1. The man has to die one day no one can ignore the…

Hello guys Today this is our 4 article on lord krishna quotes, so guys we are again back here so come on and read this full article, but if i explain you why i had written already three articles on this topic and now what is the difference in this one so guys the difference in this article on lord krishna quotes is:-

  1. in this article i explained everything
  2. second one is that i have given you proper awnsrs of your asked problems.

So here are the 11 lord krishna quotes

I was there, I am there and I will be there

In this quote lord krishna will…

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