11+ lord krishna quotes for motivation

Poorvak Suri
6 min readMar 21, 2021

Hello guys Today this is our 4 article on lord krishna quotes, so guys we are again back here so come on and read this full article, but if i explain you why i had written already three articles on this topic and now what is the difference in this one so guys the difference in this article on lord krishna quotes is:-

  1. in this article i explained everything
  2. second one is that i have given you proper awnsrs of your asked problems.

So here are the 11 lord krishna quotes

I was there, I am there and I will be there

In this quote lord krishna will tell you about himself that is before our birth lord krishna was there at time of your birth lord krishna is there and at the time of death also he will be there because he is the one in the world who cares.

2. if you can’t fight for your rights then also don’t blame god for that -by lord krishna

In this quote lord krishna is explaining that never feel like a loser i am always with you atleast fight for your rights and thin i will suerly help.

3. I help that people who help themselves — quote by lord krishna

In this quote lord krishna tells that people who always feel like helpless an tells them that if you will try to help you to get rid of all problems you will suerly gethelp from me.

4. if you want to be happy in life reduce your desires. — quote by lord krishna

In this quote lord krishna is giving a best way to remain happy and peaceful life that is to reduce desires.

5. The fear to lose is the worst thing just think only you have nothing to loose .- lord krishna quotes

In this lord krishna quote he explained that human has nothing to loose the real aim of the human is to devote a god and become a real devotee of them.

6. Never find defects in some to make them perfect because you are also not perfect

In this quote lord krishna explained that that we people always have a problem to find defects and problems in other people but in actual we are also not perfect.

7. Never be selfish because if someone will do that it will hurt you the most

lord krishna says that people should never have to be that kind of selfish that he can only see his problems because if someone other do the same thing with you then you will realise the pain.

8. No need to talk unnecessraly because people judges you from your talks.- by lord krishna

In this lord krishna tell us about excessive talking without any reason is just waste and reduces your importance so don’t do this.

9. The man who read gita everyday he never suffers with any life problems my gurantee -by lord krishna.

guys this quote is my favourite in this quote lord krishna gurantees that if you read bhagvat gita everyday you will never get any financial problems or any other problems in life as compared to others.

10. Be like “karna “all in one

lord krishna

In this quote lord krishna is telling us that do everything and and make your friendship as better as karan in mahabharat.

11. you accept me and i will accept you- lord krishna quotes

In this quote lord krishna tells that leave everything and become a real devotee of me and i will accept and when this happens you will never get any problems.

Here are some questions of people

What did Lord Krishna say about kaliyuga?

As everyone knows that lord krishna has already explained about kalyuga in bhagvad gita and explained that among the other three yugas this is worstest and in this yuga people will have shortest life span and they all can never over come the people of other three yugas. Also, he explained that in this yuga the devotion of the people is the least.

What does Krishna symbolize?

krishna means lord krishna right? kirshna symoblizes a major thing of world he is the one form of lord vishnu who is considered as god and comes in tridev . lord krishna also symbolises as a learning of life, to love and he is the only one in world after lord ram he is the only one in tridev or three gods, Bhrama ji, vishnu ji and mahesh ji who comes on earth in every yuga to increase positevity and remove negitivity in people.

What are the 108 names of Lord Krishna?

For this awnser you simply have to do two to three steps go and open bhagvat gita or any other hindu books and search for it in that book.

How can I impress Lord Krishna?

The easiest way to impress lord krishna is to do devotion for lord krishna and also do one more step read bhagvat gita by full and then after reading use that teachings in your orignal life.

What makes Krishna happy?

The simple awnser to this question is by giving them butter

Is kalyug going to end in 2025?

No according to Hindhu puran’s kalyug is of 320000 years and the present’s year is 26000, so dont worry you will not be there for kalyuga end even not me and we will not be able to see kalki avtar at that time

How kalyug will end?

accoring to purans kalyuga will by increase in bad habits of people day by day at the end kalki avtar will come and destroy everything and after that the charanjivi lord hanuman will again goes into lord shiva and then it will end.

Why is Kali Yuga bad?

This is my favourite query kali yuga bad why? the awnser is there is a story behind it i will try to give video there if you want to see video then click on there also i know that there was a king named raja parikshit and something that story is there.

So guys thanks for sharing these questions to me and i am very glad to give you all the awnsers so if you liked it then please share it more and support us.