11+ lord krishna quotes for motivation

So here are the 11 lord krishna quotes

I was there, I am there and I will be there

2. if you can’t fight for your rights then also don’t blame god for that -by lord krishna

3. I help that people who help themselves — quote by lord krishna

4. if you want to be happy in life reduce your desires. — quote by lord krishna

5. The fear to lose is the worst thing just think only you have nothing to loose .- lord krishna quotes

6. Never find defects in some to make them perfect because you are also not perfect

7. Never be selfish because if someone will do that it will hurt you the most

8. No need to talk unnecessraly because people judges you from your talks.- by lord krishna

9. The man who read gita everyday he never suffers with any life problems my gurantee -by lord krishna.

10. Be like “karna “all in one

lord krishna

11. you accept me and i will accept you- lord krishna quotes

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